Responding to Negative Reviews 101

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For today’s local businesses, online reviews are a large consideration when a potential customer finds your business online. That means that negative feedback and reviews can greatly impact your business when not handled properly.

Despite the harm negative reviews can have on a local business – in many cases, they actually serve as an opportunity. An opportunity to show that your a business that cares about your customers’ experience. An opportunity to show that you’re willing to make things right when a customer has a problem with a product or service. Even an opportunity to salvage an existing customer relationship.

Here are a few tips to help you get it right.

Act Quickly

Consider reviews an urgent matter for your business. Imagine if that same negative review went out to every existing and future customer that came to your business – don’t you want an opportunity to be a part of that conversation? Quickly addressing customer concerns can go a long way in building trust with current and potential customers.

Apologize and Make it Right

Don’t be afraid to apologize or empathize with the reviewers concerns. You can even offer to correct a potential issue by offering a replacement product, or a discount on a future visit to your store. Often times, online reviewers are more interested in having their concerns heard and addressed than in getting something for free.

Keep it Professional

There are going to be times when you may feel that a review is unwaranted, or even that the reviewer took some low shots at your business. It’s important not to be combative or confrontational when responding to online reviews. Instead, taking the high road and maintaining a professional demeanor will help you stay in good graces with future potential customers.

Take the Conversation Offline

There’s no need to be overly specific or ask questions of the reviewer in a public forum. It’s better to resolve the customer’s concerns offline and in private. This helps protect your customer’s privacy and help save your business from any further reputational harm.

Consider Future Customers

It’s important to evaluate your review response through the lens of future customers. Make sure that you’ve addressed the reviewers concerns in a professional manner, and in a way that may keep future customers from having those same concerns.

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